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Use these BoardSource resources to help your board build a structure that will best promote the organization’s investment goals.


The Board's Role in Supervising Investments

There are three actions nonprofit board members must take to discharge their legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

The laws governing fiduciary investing now clearly provide that when a board takes these three steps, neither the organization, nor the individual board members, shall be liable for the actions of those to whom they delegate, nor for investment losses.

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Recorded Webinar 201: Understanding your Organization’s Investment Risks and Strategies

During this webinar, Stephen Campisi, CFA, director of institutional thought leadership, U.S. Trust, discusses

  • the greatest risks to nonprofit organizations, from investment to reputational, funding, and regulatory risk
  • approaches to addressing fiduciary risk
  • why short-term and long-term risk should be managed separately
  • the dangers of a simplistic view of risk and why volatility is not the biggest threat to returns
  • the benefits of managing to outcomes rather than to mathematical factors

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Who's Minding the Money? An Investment Guide for Nonprofit Board Members

when investment policies are shaped by informed boards that supervise their advisors, the returns almost always outweigh the risks. It’s when boards are hands-off (because they lack knowledge or the courage to walk away from investments they don’t understand) that they can end up approving investments that are inappropriate for their organizations. The result can be a legal nightmare in which board members are held personally liable.

How can your board avoid these pitfalls? Who’s Minding the Money? makes it easy and, yes, even enjoyable, to understand how and why your board should oversee your organization’s investments. PDF only.


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